Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've been "gone" waaaay tooo looonga!!!!
Tooo much pressure to have pictures, time, something interesting to talk about......
I have a lot of respect for bloggers who blog AND get things accomplished!!!
I'm not blogging AND not getting things done!!!!

I have been looking at other sites and I am loving YouGoGirlBlog - owls - she has a link to for "Hoot for the Holidays" felt owl ornament!!!  Look at both sites if you can - lots of variety of how they look (all cute!) finished!
I'd link you there but I don't know how!
I'd show you pictures of my owls but I haven't made any!
What am I doing with my time?!?!

I've also been looking for Bonnie Sullivan from All Through The Night's new book - squirrel's, flowers, birds, beautiful!!!
Can't seem to find any information on it....but her booth is shown at Quilt Market!

Well - I think I'll work on "Henrietta Whiskers" (waaay behind on blocks but still love it!!!)