Thursday, January 20, 2011

Change of Plans

Firstly, I don't like change - BUT today it's kinda a go with the flow (insert snow here) day!
I woke up ready to go to Pilates - then opened the blinds to SNOW!!!  Beautiful!  Unexpected!  (I don't usually watch the news so surprise!!)

Never make me drive in the snow - especially down a long steep hill!  So I'm snowed in here at the compound!!!  Always makes me smile when there's quilting projects to work on and enough milk for my lattes!!!

I was sitting under my "Day Light" stitching when the mail arrived....New Years / Christmas card from my  niece, Katrina - handmade with glitter - sprinkled onto my quilt block of trees and looked very pretty!  Insert big smile here!   Very lucky to have a niece who makes me thoughtful cards!!!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

My "Day Light" is awesome!  Every morning I get up, make my latte and breakfast, then sit under my own sunshine for 30 plus minutes and applique, embroider, etc.  Fantastic way to begin the day!  I don't know if its the light keeping me happy or the quiet time doing what I love!  It works!!!

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