Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been SEW busy!!!

It's been a longa longa time between blogs again...
I've been SEW busy!!!

Here is a little of what I've been doing:

Henrietta Whiskers block 5....

and block 4!

More Farmer's Wife Blocks!!!

#61 Northern Lights

#54 Kitchen Woodbox

#87 Star Gardener

# 21 Contrary Wife

#34 Flock

#56 Maple Leaf

Now I know that I'm no where near finished my Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt using Fig Tree fabric....
The reason I was interested in the Farmer to begin with was Lori's
blog Bee In My Bonnet, and her fabulous fabric "Sew Cherry"!
So I ordered a huge stack of fabrics and I'm now going to make some blocks for a tablecloth or lap quilt or anything kitschy....these fabrics just make my heart sing!

This was Lori's block from July 18...Easy Flying Geese Tutorial.
I've made it just like Lori's because why alter perfection?!
I love the cherries on pink, gingham and little green daisies.

I also made this cute little puppy for Princess Amanda.....back in September when she went back to University....this is a pattern from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing...

and last but definitely not least....

Princess Amanda was home last weekend and she taught me how to crochet!!!
These are Oma House Slippers, Ravelry.

I really want to learn because Lori (Bee In My Bonnet) has 2 new patterns with crochet on them!  One is for pillowcases with a crocheted edge, the other is for an apron with crocheted detail!

Will the fun ever stop?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Ok - let me just start by giving you a heads up on my "blogging state of mind"!
I've been doing this blog for 2hours (gasp!!!) and all I have are my pictures on this compose page!  I'm exhausted, frustrated and a little wiggly.....(now 4 hours and 5 minutes!).
On the excited "I can't contain myself" side.....I'm finally posting my blocks and THEN getting them onto the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along on Flickr!  This group started back in June by two friends, Amanda and Angela.  If you want to join this QAL, buy this book, "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" by Laurie Aaron Hird.

Blocks #2 and #4

There are 111 block patterns...the goal is to make two blocks a week!  So far, I'm a gazillion weeks behind...(14ish weeks behind).....although "secretly" I have 24 blocks finished...I just have a dickens of a time posting them!!!  
I also have 3ish that I need to do over for a multitude of personal reasons!!!

#2 Autumn's Tint

I would not have attempted ANY of this without Lori at Bee In My Bonnet's blog!

Lori has been inspirational with all her tutorials and beautiful, fun blocks!
So my thought process of joining was to challenge myself to learn how to piece!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Como Lake Quilters "Tin Exchange"

I heart Como Lake Quilters!
This is 9 of us posing with the blocks these ladies made for me when we held our "Tinner Exchange".
Back row L to R is Noreen, Darlene, Laurie, Joan and Helen.
Front row L to R is Gay, Jo-Ann, Val and Me....Kim.
Jo-Ann is also holding Nina's cat!
There are actually 30 of us in this quilting group...only 10 of us did the exchange.

These are my cats at home!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mosaic Books, Kelowna

This is a shout out to my favorite bookstore - Mosaic Books in Kelowna... also very easy to order from online!

I blogged earlier about Mosaic Books when I was in Kelowna a few months ago... I found Rachel Allen's "Favorite Food at Home" for 9.99 in their bargain section.

I have been trying to buy Rachel Allen's "Bake" for a few months now.  I finally tried to order it from Chapter's but they cannot get it.  New "Bake" book coming out later in the year ... I really want the old one first since it's apparently so good!

I tried to find it at used books stores in Vancouver online but couldn't figure out their websites catalogue ...I'm not so savvy on this block of wood!

I remembered Mosaic and success!  Easy to use their online site and I found out they had 3 copies of the book marked down from 39.95 to 12.99!!!

I immediately phoned .... they were closed but a wonderful women named Angela answered and helped me (toll free)!

The delivery was 9.37 so at 23.48 I was still ahead of the original price - perfect in my world!

The book came in a few days, and Angela had even put a little hand printed card inside thanking me for shopping with them!

The book is lovely - although this copy was missing a whole chapter and then repeated a different chapter!  At the back of the book, taped inside was a note saying "Damaged Pages Missing"!  Rats!

I phoned Mosaic's and when I told them about the note they immediately said they would send me a new copy and not to worry about getting this copy back to them!  They were very friendly and professional and I can not say enough about how much I love this store!

If you are ever in Kelowna do stop in and shop... they are also located in a lovely area near Okangan Lake where you can go for a scenic stroll along the boardwalk.

If you order books online be prepared for fast friendly service and maybe even a great sale price!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I've been "gone" waaaay tooo looonga!!!!
Tooo much pressure to have pictures, time, something interesting to talk about......
I have a lot of respect for bloggers who blog AND get things accomplished!!!
I'm not blogging AND not getting things done!!!!

I have been looking at other sites and I am loving YouGoGirlBlog - owls - she has a link to for "Hoot for the Holidays" felt owl ornament!!!  Look at both sites if you can - lots of variety of how they look (all cute!) finished!
I'd link you there but I don't know how!
I'd show you pictures of my owls but I haven't made any!
What am I doing with my time?!?!

I've also been looking for Bonnie Sullivan from All Through The Night's new book - squirrel's, flowers, birds, beautiful!!!
Can't seem to find any information on it....but her booth is shown at Quilt Market!

Well - I think I'll work on "Henrietta Whiskers" (waaay behind on blocks but still love it!!!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Just a quick note to let peeps know that PS I QUILT is having another terrific giveaway!!!
If  you click on my PS I QUILT icon (down the right side of this page) you will go straight to it and have 5 chances to win...please don't...I need those fabrics precious!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Commissioned by the Queen to Bake Birthday Cake!

Val's Vegetarian Lasagna

This is the main dish of dinner we had with our dear friends the other night.
I will post the recipe - although I'm waiting for said dear friend and BFF to arrive at the door any moment so I may have to come back and edit this....I'm also in some weird typing zone where everything is coming from the center and my "tech team" is either busy sleeping all day...or REALLY BUSY WITH IMPORTANT STUFF!!!
Either way I'm on my own!!!

The Queen has commissioned me to bake a birthday cake today!!!  Lean close and I will whisper in your ear...Val's the QUEEN!!!  She is having a shin dig tonight for her son Mike and let's face it, I begged her to let me make Rachel Allen's chocolate cake!!!  Said cake is baked and ready to be iced!!!  This time I'm using melted bittersweet chocolate in the icing and buttermilk instead of water and vanilla extract....BFF has arrived I will add more later!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Bunnies!!!

Well hours and hours of computer time later...where was I?  Oh right!!!  I baked cakes...PS they must be ready to frost by now as this has taken soooo long!!!
The batter was absolutely delicious!!!
I bought this cookbook, "Rachel's Favourite Food At Home" by Rachel Allen at the Mosaic bookstore in Kelowna!  (New favorite bookstore!)  It was only 9.99!!!
This is the 2nd recipe I've made from it ... first one was Maple Syrup and Pecan Muffins - delicate and scrumptious - I only got 1 before the guys ate them all!!!
Lots of good looking recipes but lets face it I was drawn to her beautiful apron in the photos!!!
BFF is always physically removing me from apron patterns  but she was not there!!!
This cookbook is also in "mls" and "oz" so I'm really using my noggin!!!
Will really impress "The One Who Shall Remain Nameless" with this gorgeous treat tonight!!!  Also BFF and her hubby will be over for dinner  sooon and we shall see if there's any left for that.....

This is the start of my new table runner...fabric from recent road trip with BFF...I just love the little flowers on the "chocolate" fabric!  I've got Chocolate on the brain today!!!
Also made all my "vines" using my Clover mini iron that I heart so much!!!

These are 4 of the 6 bunnies I need for this project!!!
They seem so "bouncy" even without eyes or tails!!!

Now I have exactly 1 hour before BFF expects me to be ready to exercise so I better go frost that cake!!!

Ta Da!!!!  Here's my CAKE!!!

And Here's my CAKE!!!

Alrighty...and Here's My CAKE!!!
Notice my White Rabbit!!!
This really takes alonga longa time!!!!
Now to exercise (I'm ready to let go of some of this computer aggression!!!)  and then "LET ME EAT CAKE"!!!

OK, its hours later...exercise was great...dinner was excellent...this cake was delectable!!!
"Big Fat I Will Call This My Go To Chocolate Cake Recipe!"
I played with the icing and added some melted chocolate chips, buttermilk, and vanilla.  Still, a little sweet...nothing that can't be played with again.  The cake wasn't too chocolaty, very moist with the buttermilk and ....SUPER EASY TO MAKE!!!
Just a nice, cake would be good, kinda cake...and wham...there it is!!!  I really like this cookbook...I shall cook again!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Now The Pressure's On!!! (OR...How Did That Work?!?)

IMGP3373 by SquirrelInMyPocket
IMGP3373, a photo by SquirrelInMyPocket on Flickr.

I'm Tooooo Frustrated to BLOGGGG!!!

I have been trying to get this photo up for HOURS now!!!

If I wasn't sooo compulsive!!!!

I'm still not connected to Bunny Hill Designs Flicker Group but this is as good as it gets as BFF has arrived to sew!!!

I am now going to calm down and have fun stitching!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flickr'n's exhaust'n!

Squirrel Table Runner

Squirrel Block 
designed by Carriage Country Quilts
for the
Western Washington Shop Hop 2010

"Sandy Squirrel"

"Kim Squirrel"

OK - this is using all my brain power AND my husbands technical skills and patience!!!

I haven't been blogging BECAUSE it's now really important to have pictures!!!

I was home alone and decided I could attempt to do this by myself!!!  LOL!!!  I did manage to take pictures!!!

Rod has been patiently waiting each step while I write down what he is doing...!!!  He's now back to doing his stuff and I can't figure out how to get other pictures over here...they are on my flicker site if you care to click!!!

This picture is of the table runner I recently made using Carriage Country Quilt's 2010 shop hop  block!!!  I really love how it's turned out - although while taking the pictures I realized that I didn't stitch the veins on the leaves yet!!!  Also, if the "perfect" buttons show up I may add them to the tops of the yo-yo flowers!!!

Speaking of Carriage Country Quilts - BFF Sandy and I were there last Friday!!!  Road Trip!!!  We actually met the lovely women who drew "Sydney Squirrel"!  He's based on a real squirrel she had!!!  If you are ever in Des Moines, Washington you should stop by this of my favorites!!!  You can also find them at (I need to ask Rod how to make this a direct link.....hmmm...maybe not until I finish learning how to add my pictures!!!)

While at CCQ we saw a new pattern by On Pins and Needles called "Maypole Hop" - BUNNIES!!!  Instant Love!!!  BFF bought it for me immediately!!!  Amazing, Wonderful BFF!!!  I'm so lucky!!!  The pattern is meant for wool - I'm making it with fabric...firstly, I changed ears to applique as 2 pieces instead of I'm deciding how to deal with oval shape they are on...I'm thinking I will make it and applique it to the scalloped border....

I have started getting the bunny shapes freezer papered to the fabrics...I'm mostly using "Fresh Cottons" by Fig Tree & Co., really soft, pretty browns!!!  I "found" all these fabrics last summer when BFF and I went to Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.

Last Friday's "Road Trip" I collected a bunch of bright fabrics to use with Piece O' Cake Designs "My Whimsical Quilt Garden" pattern that I've had for a while...just waiting for fabric!!!  It's bright and cheery  and "on the edge" for me...don't know what I'll do with it after I make it but it sure looks like fun to applique!!!

Today was Como Lake Quilter's group...we sure have a lot of wonderful, sharing ladies!!!  a few show and tells - (I should really take my camera to show you what they make!!!)

Well - the day has flown by and I need to get ready for my "Body and BALL" exercise class!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Flickren' !!!

You're looking at my first attempt at Flicker!!!
Number 4 from my List of 52!!!
You can also view my flicker thingabob at the side!!!
Well!  This is exciting!!!
This is the first block of Bunny Hill Designs "Henrietta Whiskers".  Isn't it adorable?!?
Henrietta Whiskers is a free block of the month by Anne Sutton - she's so talented and generous!
I have a few Bunny Hill quilts in my house - I will take pictures of them soon to show you!
I'm using up my fabric "leftovers" in this quilt from "Autumn House" and "Rabbits Prefer Chocolate".
It's interesting how in my world food leftovers are skankie and fabric leftovers are cherished!
I altered this block a titch by making oak leaves instead of original leaves...just wanted it a little more droopy!
OK, so it's March and I've only done block 1 - BUT I'm so darn proud of myself!!!

Other stuff -
Princess Amanda celebrated her 22nd Bday!!!  I can't wait till she's home and we can all celebrate together!!!
The one who will remain nameless is now in charge of a department and has his own peeps!!!  Wow! Who could it be now and what does that mean?!?
Lets just say I can't say but verrry proud!
First session of Zumba ended today - We really got down and shimmied!!!
I've added two new things to my List of 52!
19  Bellydance (I've signed up for bellydance workout class again!!!  I MISS THE MUSIC!!!)
20  Allow myself to "PLAY" with crafts

There is a site which I will add to my page when I have "help" called Bluebird Crafts...this woman knows how to do crafts...she should really work for Michaels (I'm just sayin!)  I have been to Michaels about 5 times in the past week picking up supplies on their coupons to do 1 of her crafts!!!
I now am the proud owner of styrofoam balls, mod podge, green paper flowers (discontinued, in a lovely glass bottle) and the most awesome stuff ever - Creative Paperclay (expensive like gold but full of possibilities!!!)
I also own...MS Glitter.....(lean in for a whisper in the ear...MARTHA STEWART GLITTER!!!)
Really, that was another sentence where you should hear the princess call!!!
In fact, I'm sure when the sales person at Michaels led me to Martha's Isle I did the Princess Call!!!  OMG!!!  Who Knew?!?!  Martha Stewart has glitter for everything!!!   Some tinnny bottles in a tinnnny packet were like 30 bucks!!!
My BFF said rather aloofly, "Couldn't you use any old glitter"?
Sometimes I wonder about her!
Anywho - lots of money spent to do a craft where this Bluebird Women is using up "leftovers"!
I'm really getting my money's worth squeezing the Creative Paperclay and dreaming of all the things I "could make"!
I'm thinking I could include step by step pictures like the Bluebird Women did...could be quite funny!!!
I have lots of incentive but really no talent!
I still need to pick up a few more dollars worth of goods before I can get this project off the ground!!!

Alright, I'm editing this to say Rod's helped me add the Bluebird Papercrafts site to my page - under Blogs I'm Following...the craft I'm spending all my money on is called "Snornament".
When you are at the Bluebird page just scroll down and look to the right for this tutorial, then click in and wala!!!  You will see the enticing photos!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Val's Yummy Soup

Just home from Val's - another great day sewing!
We worked on our "tinner" for the month - lots of tiny 1 1/2 inch pieces making leaves and blue sky blocks!
Val made soup yesterday and served it tonight!  Yummy!

Val's Wonderful Soup

1 cup red lentils (sort and rinse before adding)
2 - 14.5 oz cans chicken broth
1 - 18 oz can pasta sauce (use a inexpensive one you like)
3 medium carrots, diced
3 celery stalks, diced
3 small zucchinis, diced
1/4 cup diced onion (Val used some fennel as well)
2 cloves garlic, minced (Val didn't use this)
2 cups cabbage, shredded
Salt & Pepper to taste

Saute the onion in a titch of oil, add garlic and continue cooking 1 minute.
Add all remaining ingredients, except seasonings, bring to a boil, then simmer 60ish minutes with the lid on.
Add basil during last 15 minutes of simmer time.
Emulsify as much of the soup as you like.
We all love it with a few veggies still looking around.
Serve with a dollop of cream cheese if you want.

I should also say that Val will not be held down to exact measurements etc. so if it seems to thin or thick adjust liquids accordingly!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Will Not Be Out Raisined!!!

OK I get it!!!
The raisin stands alone!!!
I MUST SAY - BFF Sandy likes a little raisin too!!!
Not that I'm sulking - it's not like that with raisins...
raisins are more like "where there's a will, there's a way!"  (clever little shriveled up grapes!!!) time I make this Carrot Cake (AND there will be a next time....soooon....I'm going to step class in the morning to make up for all the icing and cake I've eaten today!!) time, TA DA!!!

Princess Yodal should be heard hear - "Ahh Ahhhh A Ahhhhh!"  Watch the movie "Enchanted" if you don't know what I mean.......

(All capital because my brain is singing this loudly!!!)
Yes, with cupcakes, you've got it, raisins in some - or as I like to say, MOST!!!
And PS, don't cupcakes sound alot like individual love?!?
So Special!
"You are special enough to have your own little cake!!!
 Princess Amanda - a little "babycake"!!!
(Babycakes was Amanda's baby nickname!)
I'm also loving the idea of a little nutmeg, but we'll just keep that to ourself!!!  Oh!  Did I type that out loud?!?

Tonight, I added a little more love to the icing - some grated lemon zest and a little squeeze of lemon!  Instant glamour!

We had Lauren's Chicken Pot Pie for dinner!!!  That's a blog all to itself in wonderfulness!!!

Great day also quilting with BFF - I started cutting and sewing the backgrounds for Henrietta Whiskers today!!!  I've got the lines drawn on blocks 1 & 2 so I can start the embroidery!!!

Now for the "not so kind" portion of my blog....whispered might not know this but I am not the nicest person ever...since I did number 6 of my list of 52 (maintaining my sewing machine), 2 really close people to me have asked to "borrow" my machine...(GASP!!!)

OK - this is to funny!!!  As I was blogging the above paragraph, the first mentioned really close person to ask to "borrow" my machine telephoned me!!!  I asked if her ears were red!!! OMG! (inserted after posted - Rod mentioned the saying is actually "ears were ringing" he's saying "burning"...)
Anyways, I really should have phoned her back...but, in my defense "I'm not the nicest person ever"!
(I'm really, really, trying to be nice...that's one of the reasons I don't respond...fighting with myself to be generous with my sewing machine...."Lily"  She has a name!!!  She's a "SHE!!!"  I can't do it... "I'm not the nicest person ever".)
Maybe this is my new old one was "I don't need it unless it's love, then I do".  "I'm not the nicest person ever" really will let me have a lot of freedom....we'll see....

I do have a few rules with my newly maintained flannel, no fleece, no any other fabric that will make her messy inside...and she is not allowed to leave the house without me... I don't think I was this uptight with my children...comments Princess Amanda!?!  I have taken an oath to always look out for the best interest of Lily!!!  Does that make me the nicest person to an inanimate object?!? Am I so insecure that I need that?  NO!

BFF who shall remain "the nicest person ever" is trying to put together a sewing machine out of "scraps" that I can lend out to really close person number 2, who wants to use and I quote, "FLEECE and FLANNEL"!!!  some days, I really feel like I'm being tested!!!

Alright, since I'm now "letting it all out", I will confess what happened at the library with my donations....

I decided 2 days before, when my 7 library books were due back, that I wouldn't "waste" gas and I would return my books when I drove to the rec center.  Usually, too obsessive and return books way in advance.

Then, purging, I found a collection of, I must say, really lovely cook books, in great condition, newish to the past few years, but, I thought I could donate them and they could store them and if I ever needed to see them again I could "borrow" them!  That's "nice" isn't it....

So, I returned my overdue books in the bin, knowing I would owe, say 70 cents, and then proceeded to the front desk and donated my books to the very grateful librarian.  Then I decided to "borrow" some new cookbooks which I checked out with the very same grateful librarian.  She then told me that I owed $4.90 in late dues!!!

Well, I know and didn't expect her to wave the late fee just because I was a "nice" person and just donated a few substantial dollars worth of books... but.... $4.90?!?!  When the heck did this happen?!?!  30 cents a day per book!  Yikes!  Makes me want to own my own books...hey, wait a minute!!!  I could potentially "borrow" my own books and then owe money on them!  HA!!!

Needless to say, I didn't have enough money to pay my fine...still owe 15 cents... BUT THEN this same grateful librarian let me in on some "known" knowledge... if I emailed in OR called and "bothered" (my own wording) this VGLibrarian they would extend my due date so that I wouldn't have to pay anything...and I pondered as I left, how come the computer couldn't just extend my due date automatically instead of me having to pay $4.90!!! or call in and talk to someone!!!  WELL, you know I'll be phoning all the time now!!!  Maybe purposefully because "I'm not the nicest person ever".

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meadowbrook Farm Carrot Cake

I am stuffed with carrot cake and cream cheese icing!!!
This is way too good to be legal!!!
I only made a half recipe of the cream cheese icing - really yummy (I used light cream cheese).
We all love the pecans!
I started thinking aloud that a few raisins might be good next time - Rod and Zander are  both adamant that it is perfect and no raisins are allowed!!!  Rats!!!  Out voted again!!!  It really is great just the way it is BUT a few plump raisins would really be yummy - I'm just sayin!  Maybe Princess Amanda should have a vote too.....
Great recipe!  Excellent taste!  AND only 1/2 cup oil!!!  Makes a girl feel good about herself!!!

My Heart is Singing!!!

What a fantastic day!!!

Bunny Hill Designs, Henrietta Whiskers, Block 3 is here and all is right with the world!!!  Sew Cute!!!

BFF Sandy and I spent the day together - I showed her the embroidery I did for her on "Autumn House" - she started getting the leaves ready to applique!  We will get these quilts finished this year!!!
BFF helped me choose the fabrics for Henrietta Whiskers - sew much more fun to do together making decisions!!!

My heart was singing when we choose a green and a raspberry to go at the top of the block...I'm branching out again from the original and thinking of half square triangles instead of the "acorn Lane" sign...we'll see!

Now I'm making Meadowbrook Farms Carrot Cake!  (my heart is singing and my taste buds are waking up!)

I've been dreaming of this cake for a few days now!!!  It smells fantastic cooling on my counter!!!  I'm so excited that most of the oil has been replaced with applesauce!!!

BFF will be back again tomorrow to quilt and eat some of this little piece of heaven!!!

This week has been a busy one - PURGING!!!

On the weekend I caught a glimpse of a hoarders show and thats all it took folks!!!  I went through all the boxes of storage for the cabin and reduced it by half!!!  Also harder things like my mom's stuff (she passed away in 2004) still difficult!!!

Now I've still got the Christmas  boxes to go through and of course stacks of magazines but what a difference!!!  My car was bursting with donations!!!  I took alot of cookbooks to the library as a donation - some things are hard to part with unless you can find the right "home"!

Our house is now decorated for Easter!!!  I only kept ornaments I was willing to display - everything else has left the building!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've Been Riffing All Morning!

This is what happens when I have a whole day with no commitments....

First, I sleep in....after 10...still time to sit under my day light!

Rod's made coffee so I'm really saving time by sleeping in as I can quickly make my latte, grab yogurt and granola (I'm addicted to Clotilde Dusoulier's granola and have already eaten it twice for breakfast instead of my regular muslie.  This may not seem so bad except I have 6 1/2 bags of muslie (really great sale!) left in my cupboard...addiction is strong, I'll just have to ride it out!!!

After breakfast I embroidered crow feet on the last block I need to finish for Autumn House.  Much excitement in my head as I think of the possibilities for today!  I could cut all the blocks to the right size for Autumn House and maybe sew them together!!!  I could meander Little Town as I pinned all three layers together the other night!!!

I end up in the kitchen making Tony Danza's Roasted Chicken Soup!!!  I actually bought a rottiserie chicken yesterday to make this for dinner but ran out of time before my body class.  We ended up eating part of the chicken for dinner anyways, soooo...I'm going to have to alter the recipe...and I'm not sure about the end part of the recipe anyways.  Reads like for the last few minutes of cooking you throw in raw carrot, celery, potato and broccoli...I can't see how this will give them time to soften...soooo...I'm really RIFFING now!!!!

I used chicken broth (lots on sale in my cupboard!) instead of just water.
I took most of the big hunks of chicken off the carcass, diced and refrigerated.
I added some celery, carrot and garlic to the broth.
I added some dry parley and 2 bay leaves to the broth.
Well this was brothing (some say simmering) I sauted some shallot in a little olive oil, added some minced garlic for 1 minute, then tossed in sliced carrot, celery to soften.
Then I added a little broccoli (not much or Tony says it overwhelms the soup).
I boiled up some Ditilini (tiny pasta) to substitute for the potatoes.  I do the pasta separately so that it doesn't use up all the soup broth.
Next, I added 1/2 a small can of diced, roasted tomatoes...AND I have a nourishing lunch for me and my lover (read Rod!)

Cooking always makes me I decided to abandon all thoughts of quilting and bake a cake!!!  Clotilde Dusoulier's Yogurt Cake!!!  It looks delicious sitting on my counter as we speak!!!
I didn't have the recommended rum, so I've added a little almond extract!  I'm going to be riffing again and slicing the cake in two, spreading seedless raspberry jam and stacking it back together!!!

Alright, it's time to eat!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've overdone it!

OK, so now I'm realizing that I'm blogging, and reblogging and the old new blogs are going over to the side under February and maybe no one will read them...except this one...and then think, this is lame, why is this a new Blog?
So, todays blogs are under February, the real blog being Food Heaven and then the other blogs before it in February.
Well, I'm really confusing things now...

Snow - I'm Back Again Baby!!!

OK - so I just looked up "Whitewater Cooks Brownies" and my Blog was second on the list!!!!  Is this just me or everybody's computer?!?!  Much excitement!!!  I don't really know why!  I'm some sort of cookbook   fan gone wild!!!  Too much to soon - it's going to my head!
Now is it just me or is this computer thing taking up way too much of my time?!?
Ponder that.

Snowed in While Blogging!

OK not really snowed in BUT I'm not going anywhere if you know what I mean!!!
Luckily I went for my jog before I started blogging!!!
Also, this granola from Clotilde Dusoulier is Fantastic!!!  Not to sweet and it's yummy in a I'm so healthy in my Birkenstock hippy lifestyle kinda way without the black socks!!!
I think I'll just snack on it as I don't think I can give up my muslie and plain yogurt in the morning thing I've got going on!!!
Rod's going to love it!!!
Well, obviously it's time to quilt!
Ok, I just lost this and Rod said and I quote "It's better to have blogged and lost than never to have blogged at all".
He said that, because I just lost this, but he found it for me!
Now he's hand feeding me tiny bits of orange!!!
Well!  Good bye!

Food Heaven!!!

Another great week gone by!!!
Princess Amanda was home for a week and it was excellent to hug her again!!!
She will be coming home for 4 glorious months at the end of April!!!

We ate some great food (mainly desserts to talk about!)
I made the chocolate brownies from Whitewater Cooks - even EASIER & BETTER than before!!!  I just mixed by hand - less clean up & worked out great!  I knew to take them out at the earlier time and when I served them you could still see oozing chocolate chips and a little moister - warm with the ice cream - I'm going to have to make them again soon!  Happy Valentine's Day!
Amanda's guy Brian surprised us (I don't like surprises - except for this one!!!)  with his family's shroud in secretiveness - let me whisper in your ear "PEANUT BUTTER PIE"!!!  Yummmmmm!   Peanut Butter Perfection!!!

One of many great things happened during the week - Amanda cooked dinner for the 5 of us!!!  Quite an undertaking!!!  And she made it on Tuesday night while I was at my body class during dinner prep time!!!  What a great event to come home to!!!  Burgers with the most amazing veggie topping of onion, garlic, red pepper, spinach and kale!!!  You don't use any condiments just veggies sauted and warm!!!  Fantastic!

We had my BFF's Pizza on Monday night - Fantastically delicious, amazingly easy, happening regularly now folks!  Get used to it!!!
Whole wheat flat-breads (each person makes up their own pizza)
Pizza sauce homemade or other (other was a little can of Primo Pizza Sauce)
Toppings - what ever floats your boat - mine had thin slices of red onion, zucchini, black olives, baby spinach, crumbled feta cheese and a little mozzarella.  Not too much of anything so it's not to thick and heavy.  In 400 oven for 8 - 10 mins.   We used pizza stone but also could just use perforated pizza tray!

I also made Tony Danza's Quick sauce and meatballs along with his everyday salad.  Actually, I made this meal twice since I last blogged!!!  Way too good!  Nothing beats Tony's balls... hold me closer Tony Danza!!!   The guy can cook!!!  I used Panko instead of breadcrumbs and quite moist!  It's great to be Italian - even just for a day!!!

Amanda & I went downtown shopping on Friday - I of course bought a cookbook - what else would you go all the way down to Robson Street to buy?!?!
The book is by Clotilde Dusoulier and it is called Chocolate & Zucchini.  I have been browsing for this book for over an year!!!  Finally bought it and it was on sale!!!  Life is great!
There is a recipe for Chocolate & Zucchini cake - which will be happening as Amanda has wanted a good recipe for this for a while now!

I'm going to make the Yogurt Cake first - just as soon as I've worked off all the excess weight gain from last week!!!

Great book to read - I always love a cookbook where the author writes an intro to each recipe with family memories etc.   and this one is delightful!!!
I went to her website Chocolate& and as we speak I am making Clotilde's Basic Granola Formula and it smells like a winner!!!

One other thing I made this past week is Chives' Buttermilk Biscuits by Craig Flinn.  They are from the book Fresh and Local.  I got it out of our local library.  They are fantastic - and I substituted Buttery Becel for the butter.  Easier on my heart!!!  I also divided the recipe as these are best warm - ok - here's the recipe - divided.

2 cups unbleached white flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp white sugar
1/4 tsp salt
8 Tbsp butter  (I used Buttery Becel)
1 1/2 eggs (I used 1 whole egg and 1and a bit Tbsp Simply Egg Whites)
1/2 cup and 2 Tbsp buttermilk

Mix flour, bp, sugar and salt well in a large bowl.
Use a fork or pastry cutter, cut butter into the dry ingredient mix until mealy in texture.
In a small bowl, beat eggs into buttermilk.
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in beaten eggs and buttermilk.
Using a fork,  combine wet and dry quickly, thoroughly, without over mixing.
Onto a baking tray (I put down parchment paper)  drop dough in balls making 9 - 10 biscuits.  I didn't spend to much time worrying about roundness as I didn't want to overwork the dough.
Bake in a preheated oven at 400 until golden brown.  (about 12 to 15 minutes).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

S to the I to the M to the P

Zander just showed me this video!!!

This is pretty much all my moves from Zumba!  Except she doesn't do the "board like shimmie" that I'm infamous for!

Ok - I was blogging this website and BFFS was at the door ready for our "Fitness Blast" class!!!  Time flies when I'm blogging!!!  ("YES!"  to all you peeps keeping track, that is 2 exercise classes in one day!  Thanks for noticing!!!)

So now I'm back from the FB class - sub instructor, really great but too many "ponies" for my liking!  (twist feet to the side and jump body - hard on this old body!!!)  NEVER make me do the pony!!!  I did the "prancing pony" (personally named tonight!)  jogging on the spot, bringing my knees up as high as I can in front instead!!!

Well - I guess its "SHOWER TIME!" (I'm a little horsey if ya know what I'm sayin!)  Which, PS is where number 18 on my List of 52 comes in "take longer showers"!  I hold the record for fastest shower!  Tonight, I'm letting that go!!!  Maybe I can stay in for over 3 minutes!!!

Woot! Woot!

It's time to Woot My Own Horn!

I just Googled "Squirrelinmypocket" and I'm Number One!!!

OK, it's only out of a few hundred but Zander gave me a kiss on my head!!!  He's such a prince charming!!!

Pilate's was fantastic today - 5 lb weights (tooooo mucha) and a large ball - not much in the balance department but my hair looked pretty fantabulous in the mirror today!

Last night BFF Sandy tolerated a lot of needy Kim questions while she worked on "Autumn House".  I started Bunny Hill Designs free BOM "Henrietta Whiskers" - I'm using up fabric leftovers from "Autumn House" and "Little Town"  with a few newbies thrown in.  Finally got the two blocks fabric chosen, then started ironing the freezer paper applique shapes onto fabric.  Of course I started with the pumpkin, using Sandy's much sought after perfect pumpkin orange fabric.  I joked about cutting it out wrong and having to use double the fabric in the process (as I did with her much sought after perfect squirrel fabric when I made my table runner).  I did replace that fabric on our last border crossing fabric shop.

Note to self:  NEVER start a project with friends fabric!!!!   Actually - BFF Sandy should also make note to self as she knows how forgetful I am!!!

This is the slightly embarrassing content:  (whispered in your ear - mindfully staying out of the midtones)  I traced the applique shapes onto the smooth side of the freezer paper!  Anne Sutton's method is to trace onto the shiny side with a permanent marker, then, iron it to another piece of freezer paper on the smooth  side, so that the ink is sandwiched in the middle AND the shape is automatically reversed!  Clever Bunny Lady!  The double layer also gives a bonus thickness when using the starch method of applique I love.

Now I didn't remember this clever trick when I made my shapes - and my pumpkin was cut!  Now I need to reround (even I don't know what that means but I REFUSE to make this overly lengthy so use your imagination if you are still with me) my pumpkin.

And Exit.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sew Little Time...

Two weeks have past since my last blog!!!

I guess I've been busy.... lets see if I can recap!

Thursday Pilate's! (Number 1 on my list!)  My first class had my previous instructor as the teacher!  She is awesome and left 6ish months ago to instruct in White Horse.  Apparently she is coming back!!! I didn't  hear for how many classes!  Second class I missed due to being snowed in and blogging!!!!  Third class I had who I thought was the regular instructor.  Excellent instructor if you are looking for perfection and have a lot of Pilate's experience.  Not so great for me... every other move she would stand beside me and say things like "oh, it shouldn't look like that"  or my personnel favorite "Oh!  That's not good!!!"  It got to the point that I couldn't make a move because I thought I was going to do irreparable damage!  Was I ever happy when I talked with her after class to find out that she was the substitute!  She's a very good instructor although I think my not striving for perfection attitude wasn't going to fly with her!  Last Thursday my previous instructor was back and I had an awesome Pilate's/Yoga fusion class that leaves me feeling warm and snuggly and stress free at the end!  That's what I'm all about!

Friday, February 28, Sandy & I headed 'cross the border for a fantastic day of fabric shopping at some of our favorite quilt stores!  I found some browns and light background fabrics for "Henrietta Squirrel".  I also found the inside border for the squirrel table runner I'm making!  Boy!  I really do love squirrels!

I missed the first Zumba class (number 2 on my list!)  Suddenly Susan went to the free Zumba class on Sunday with me!  Lots of fun!!!!!  I'm so excited that I joined Zumba!   Dance!  Dance!  Dance!  Last Friday I made it to my morning class - packed with a bunch of women all of us smiling and jittering like school girls at a sock hop!!!!  There's a wall of mirror at the front of the class and you can see us all grinning!!!  It's the greatest!  I can't believe I'm only doing this once a week!  We all clap at the end of each song as in "Way to go!  Aren't we something!!!"  The teacher's great and encouraging and does a lot of great moves!  I really like the dance we do to the song "Zumbalicious"  Oh Yes We Are!!!!   I shimmy like a board and can't do all the moves but I'm really something in my mind!!!!  I can't believe this counts as exercise!!!

Monday Rod & I went snowshoeing at Hollyburn!  Snowshoeing is Number 12 on my list of 52!  I'm really getting a lot accomplished off my list!!!  We had a fun time!  We got to a sign that warned us of avalanches and that it was extremely dangerous  but we went on anyways - up a steep hill until I said "I'm good"  Then we slid down on our bums!!!  It was thrilling!  Great workout with my guy!  Breezy was still exhausted the next day!  She covers a lot of ground!

Our Como Lake Quilters Group had our monthly "tin exchange".  Val and I managed to snag one tin we've done and one new one for the month!  Feeling pretty smug!!!  Takes a lot of brain power for us to figure out what tins were going for!  Previously we would each take one tin and then when we got together to work on our blocks we would do each others tin.  Now when we get that tin as our own we just slip our premade block in and both do the new tin.  Whoever signed the new tin out puts in their block, the other of us keeps it for their turn.  Were like quilting criminals in our minds!  It was great this past Monday when we got together to sew - the blocks took us all day!  Tiny pieces!  Lots of cutting and figuring out the pattern!

Number 7 of List of 52
Whitewater Cooks
I made Hurf's Halibut.  I'm thinking it would taste great with the right ingredients.  I improvised too much!  The recipe has 6 ingredients and I changed 4!!!
Mayonnaise (I used light)
Jalapeno pepper (I used pickled)
fresh ginger (I used dry - not so good!)
Halibut (I used Cod)

Last night I put together Healthy Fridge Muffins.  Today I baked them and then told Rod he could take them to our cabin and throw them off the dock!  Lot's of pouting as they are hard little  beasts!
Well, Rod really thinks they are good!  He likes how "Healthy" they are!  He was naming all the  things he liked in them - carrot, apple, cinnamon - and was happy to hear they had oats and whole wheat flour in them.  He'd even like it if I made them again... I'm still pouting.

That's 5 Whitewater Cooks recipes down 7 to go (but I think I'll be making more than 12 recipes - really beautiful books!)

Well - that was long - I really should blog more often - was to serious trying to recap a bunch of stuff!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

List of 52 - #7

7 - Make 12 new recipes from Whitewater Cooks cookbooks in 2011

Now this seems too easy!!!  These books are a pleasure to cook from and I've already made 3 recipes and it's still January!!!

Alright, lets catch you up!  While Princess Amanda was home this past weekend her boyfriend Brian (really he's already family!)   was saying how his mom has made a list of 52 things she would like to do this year....what a fantastic idea!!!

So, I've started a list - although I haven't gotten to 52 it's a great start and it's only January!
I'm using it as part of my Happiness Year - yes, I just finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

So far my list looks like this:

1.  Sign up for Pilate's classes  (I have signed up and made it to 1 - last Thursday snowed in)

2.  Sign up for Zumba classes (I have signed up and it starts this Friday - alas!  I will be shopping with my BFF Sandy in the USA for quilting fabrics etc.!)

3.  Do Bunny Hill Designs Free BOM "Henrietta Whiskers" - each month (this is one of the fun reasons for above trip to the states!) I haven't started this months block because I need fabric!!!  Technically this is number one on my list of 52 BUT I decided to put the exercise 1st because my New Years Resolution is to get 4 or more hours of exercise each week...I make this resolution every year so I have to take myself seriously (although secretly, I keep just missing the mark by 15 minutes each week this month - DUE to SNOW!!!)  Shhhh!  I can't drive in the snow and don't make me jog in the snow and I can't seem to turn on the treadmill in the snow either!!!!!  Anyways - it's good to leave room for self improvement!

4.  Join Flicker!  I want to join Flicker because I want to share my Henrietta Whiskers block each month with other's making them!  I really enjoyed Flicker when Bunny Hill Designs had "A Tisket A Tasket" BOM in 2009!  (too busy blogging to learn flicker yet but watch out!)

5.  Start a Blog!!!  OK, I thought (while jogging with my husband I might add)  that if I was going to flicker I might as well blog!  This is really exciting since I really don't even do email (gave the wrong address AGAIN at quilting!)  I'm Technology illiterate - until 2011!  Whoop!  Whoop!

6.  Have my sewing machine maintained (I had this done earlier than this list started BUT I have been putting it off for a few years so technically I had to add it because it is quite an accomplishment!!!)  PS great to have Lily 545 back at home!

7.  Make 12 new recipes from Whitewater Cooks cookbook during 2011.

Back to the beginning of all this - I've already made 3 recipes!

These two cookbooks were the only things I wanted for Christmas and I received the first one from my son and the second one from my husband!!!!

 I somehow got the recipe for "Toad Mountain Granola" before I was given the books - hmm - and I made this and gave it out to my peeps at Christmas.  Lucky peeps!

The 2nd recipe I made was out of determination to use my ugly bananas for good instead of evil (frozen in the freezer for eternity)  so I made "Old Fashioned Banana Cake"  Quite yummy!!!  I didn't have round cake pans so I made it in a square pan and a large rectangular pan (secretly I froze most of this -evil ugly bananas!!!  Although some good came of it - I was able to give some to Princess Amanda to take back to University.)

I changed a few things in the recipe - regular Becel instead of butter (heart friendly)
Less Becel than butter called for (3/4 cup instead of 1 cup)
I then added 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce to make of for butter.
I also used skim milk instead of whole milk.
Then I blew it out of the water by adding 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips instead of walnuts (this is just one of  the many reasons my husband loves me!)

Really great cake!!!

Tonight I made recipe number 3!!!!  Ta Da!  WhiteWater Brownies!!!  These were fantastic!!!  I made these purely to impress my husband and son who have been away overnight at our cabin!  We had them warm with ice cream and YUM!!!!
I didn't change ingredients but I did change the method (I don't like change BUT look at me go!!!)
I warmed the butter and chocolate chips in the microwave instead of tedious double boiler!  I melted the butter first in large measuring cup for 30 seconds, then added chips and did another 20 seconds, then stirred!)  Impressive!

Interesting side note - I didn't want these books for the desserts as much as the soups, salads and mains!!!

Well!  Sense of rambling and accomplishment at 2 blogs in 1 day!


Alone and Blogging

OK, I'm in!!!  It only took me 20ish minutes with my great notes to remember how to get to this posting page!!!  (in the end I just hit buttons!!!)

I really wanted to call for backup - I'm too stuborn!!!!  Dictionary says stuborn should have 2 b's but I'm too stuborn to change it!  If you're looking for a blog that's perfectly written - this site is not for you!  Just saying - runnn!  Or hit buttons to ESCAPE!!!!

Now, back to my week...
Thursday night late - after "Fitness Blast" with my BFF Sandy, Rod and I headed to our cabin.  Quiet Friday working on embroidery and watching 2 eagles outside our window.

Late Friday night - already asleep - our son Zander called to check in and let us know that our daughters boyfriend's car was parked outside, his shoes at the door, and LITTLE shoes too!!!  (Princess Amanda has LITTLE feet!!!)

I have just plugged in laptop as CRITICALLY LOW, struggled with LITTLE in above line as deleting and moving lines... and realize that stubborn does look wrong without the extra b...I was going to delete whole sentence but I guess I didn't!

Also, Amanda is newly (September 2010) away from home living at University!!!

Anyways!!!  We repacked, rushed home (after 2 in the morning), YES!!!  They are said PRINCESS SHOES!!!!  Much excitement - contained myself and went to bed instead of rushing sleeping princess and boyfriend asleep in her bed!!!!

Great unexpected weekend surprise!!!
Although, never surprise me!  I believe I've mentioned this before in only 3 blogs - I don't like change!!! Although this was great change (as many changes can be?!)  Note to self - I'm seeing self growth here!
Growth or no growth I did mention to call ahead (I don't want to miss a minute of my baby being home!!)

Fast weekend - we did manage to go out for Indian food - yumm!  We also played a few games of "Ticket to Ride" - Princess always wins!!!!  And I got to make lattes for my Amanda again!  Life is Great!

Monday saw my father-in-law John opening his door to his "sweat shop"  once again!  My mother-in-law Val and I spent the whole wonderful day sewing!!!  We worked on our "tinner's"  for our Tuesday quilt group.

Tinner's is our once a month block exchange!  Lot's of fun and hair pulling at the same time!  The women in our quilt group are very talented quilters - and it pushes me to do blocks I would otherwise shy away from.

This month I learned how to do "prairie points" and sew fabric strips to a backing piece!  I made 3 blocks although I think one will not be used as the prairie points (not so hard to make) are in the cutting/seam zone...insert sad face now!

Val made me a latte in her special cup - Kindness!

John shared his bran muffins with me (I've got buttermilk and an egg on my counter to make some after I finish blogging!)

Val invited Rod and Zander down for dinner and served us the most delicious entrĂ©e -

"Val's Country Garden Cottage Pie"

1 can lentils, rinsed & drained
1 medium onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp dried basil
pinch cayenne or 1/4 tsp chili powder
2 Tbsp canola oil
2 carrots, diced
1 green pepper, chopped
1 cup corn
1 small can (1/2 cup?) tomato sauce
salt & pepper
4 large potatoes
tex mex shredded cheese
*1/4 cup cooked quinoa

Saute veggies in oil, add spices, lentils and tomato sauce.  Mix in quinoa if using.
Cook potatoes & mash with milk (Val used 1 Tbsp cream cheese!)
Veggies into baking dish, potatoes onto, cheese sprinkled on.
Bake at 350 - 30ish minutes until golden brown and bubbling.
Val says just put all the Hot layers together, sprinkle cheese, broil cheese and enjoy!

We all really enjoyed this and the rest of dinner as well!!!

Now I really must go and make those muffins!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Change of Plans

Firstly, I don't like change - BUT today it's kinda a go with the flow (insert snow here) day!
I woke up ready to go to Pilates - then opened the blinds to SNOW!!!  Beautiful!  Unexpected!  (I don't usually watch the news so surprise!!)

Never make me drive in the snow - especially down a long steep hill!  So I'm snowed in here at the compound!!!  Always makes me smile when there's quilting projects to work on and enough milk for my lattes!!!

I was sitting under my "Day Light" stitching when the mail arrived....New Years / Christmas card from my  niece, Katrina - handmade with glitter - sprinkled onto my quilt block of trees and looked very pretty!  Insert big smile here!   Very lucky to have a niece who makes me thoughtful cards!!!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

My "Day Light" is awesome!  Every morning I get up, make my latte and breakfast, then sit under my own sunshine for 30 plus minutes and applique, embroider, etc.  Fantastic way to begin the day!  I don't know if its the light keeping me happy or the quiet time doing what I love!  It works!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st Blog Ever! Technically not really but still...

Well this has been exhausting - lots to learn!!!  Not really computer savvy nor literate so this is a challenge. Then at dinner my son Zander said he was going to take my "Squirrel In My Pocket" as his own so lots of squealing, yelling and running to try and get name first (he was just teasing me!!!)
I really want to use flicker to post my BOM pictures on Bunny Hill Designs "Henrietta Whiskers" free BOM each month!
I LOVE Bunny Hill Designs!  I have made many of Anne's quilts which I will also post.  HA HA!  More work for my unsuspecting husband!!!
I made Bunny Hill Designs BOM for 2009 "A Tisket A Tasket" and really appreciated all the flicker pictures people sent in - so now hopefully I can join in the fun!
Now back to the dishes!