Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Will Not Be Out Raisined!!!

OK I get it!!!
The raisin stands alone!!!
I MUST SAY - BFF Sandy likes a little raisin too!!!
Not that I'm sulking - it's not like that with raisins...
raisins are more like "where there's a will, there's a way!"  (clever little shriveled up grapes!!!) time I make this Carrot Cake (AND there will be a next time....soooon....I'm going to step class in the morning to make up for all the icing and cake I've eaten today!!) time, TA DA!!!

Princess Yodal should be heard hear - "Ahh Ahhhh A Ahhhhh!"  Watch the movie "Enchanted" if you don't know what I mean.......

(All capital because my brain is singing this loudly!!!)
Yes, with cupcakes, you've got it, raisins in some - or as I like to say, MOST!!!
And PS, don't cupcakes sound alot like individual love?!?
So Special!
"You are special enough to have your own little cake!!!
 Princess Amanda - a little "babycake"!!!
(Babycakes was Amanda's baby nickname!)
I'm also loving the idea of a little nutmeg, but we'll just keep that to ourself!!!  Oh!  Did I type that out loud?!?

Tonight, I added a little more love to the icing - some grated lemon zest and a little squeeze of lemon!  Instant glamour!

We had Lauren's Chicken Pot Pie for dinner!!!  That's a blog all to itself in wonderfulness!!!

Great day also quilting with BFF - I started cutting and sewing the backgrounds for Henrietta Whiskers today!!!  I've got the lines drawn on blocks 1 & 2 so I can start the embroidery!!!

Now for the "not so kind" portion of my blog....whispered might not know this but I am not the nicest person ever...since I did number 6 of my list of 52 (maintaining my sewing machine), 2 really close people to me have asked to "borrow" my machine...(GASP!!!)

OK - this is to funny!!!  As I was blogging the above paragraph, the first mentioned really close person to ask to "borrow" my machine telephoned me!!!  I asked if her ears were red!!! OMG! (inserted after posted - Rod mentioned the saying is actually "ears were ringing" he's saying "burning"...)
Anyways, I really should have phoned her back...but, in my defense "I'm not the nicest person ever"!
(I'm really, really, trying to be nice...that's one of the reasons I don't respond...fighting with myself to be generous with my sewing machine...."Lily"  She has a name!!!  She's a "SHE!!!"  I can't do it... "I'm not the nicest person ever".)
Maybe this is my new old one was "I don't need it unless it's love, then I do".  "I'm not the nicest person ever" really will let me have a lot of freedom....we'll see....

I do have a few rules with my newly maintained flannel, no fleece, no any other fabric that will make her messy inside...and she is not allowed to leave the house without me... I don't think I was this uptight with my children...comments Princess Amanda!?!  I have taken an oath to always look out for the best interest of Lily!!!  Does that make me the nicest person to an inanimate object?!? Am I so insecure that I need that?  NO!

BFF who shall remain "the nicest person ever" is trying to put together a sewing machine out of "scraps" that I can lend out to really close person number 2, who wants to use and I quote, "FLEECE and FLANNEL"!!!  some days, I really feel like I'm being tested!!!

Alright, since I'm now "letting it all out", I will confess what happened at the library with my donations....

I decided 2 days before, when my 7 library books were due back, that I wouldn't "waste" gas and I would return my books when I drove to the rec center.  Usually, too obsessive and return books way in advance.

Then, purging, I found a collection of, I must say, really lovely cook books, in great condition, newish to the past few years, but, I thought I could donate them and they could store them and if I ever needed to see them again I could "borrow" them!  That's "nice" isn't it....

So, I returned my overdue books in the bin, knowing I would owe, say 70 cents, and then proceeded to the front desk and donated my books to the very grateful librarian.  Then I decided to "borrow" some new cookbooks which I checked out with the very same grateful librarian.  She then told me that I owed $4.90 in late dues!!!

Well, I know and didn't expect her to wave the late fee just because I was a "nice" person and just donated a few substantial dollars worth of books... but.... $4.90?!?!  When the heck did this happen?!?!  30 cents a day per book!  Yikes!  Makes me want to own my own books...hey, wait a minute!!!  I could potentially "borrow" my own books and then owe money on them!  HA!!!

Needless to say, I didn't have enough money to pay my fine...still owe 15 cents... BUT THEN this same grateful librarian let me in on some "known" knowledge... if I emailed in OR called and "bothered" (my own wording) this VGLibrarian they would extend my due date so that I wouldn't have to pay anything...and I pondered as I left, how come the computer couldn't just extend my due date automatically instead of me having to pay $4.90!!! or call in and talk to someone!!!  WELL, you know I'll be phoning all the time now!!!  Maybe purposefully because "I'm not the nicest person ever".

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