Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flickr'n's exhaust'n!

Squirrel Table Runner

Squirrel Block 
designed by Carriage Country Quilts
for the
Western Washington Shop Hop 2010

"Sandy Squirrel"

"Kim Squirrel"

OK - this is using all my brain power AND my husbands technical skills and patience!!!

I haven't been blogging BECAUSE it's now really important to have pictures!!!

I was home alone and decided I could attempt to do this by myself!!!  LOL!!!  I did manage to take pictures!!!

Rod has been patiently waiting each step while I write down what he is doing...!!!  He's now back to doing his stuff and I can't figure out how to get other pictures over here...they are on my flicker site if you care to click!!!

This picture is of the table runner I recently made using Carriage Country Quilt's 2010 shop hop  block!!!  I really love how it's turned out - although while taking the pictures I realized that I didn't stitch the veins on the leaves yet!!!  Also, if the "perfect" buttons show up I may add them to the tops of the yo-yo flowers!!!

Speaking of Carriage Country Quilts - BFF Sandy and I were there last Friday!!!  Road Trip!!!  We actually met the lovely women who drew "Sydney Squirrel"!  He's based on a real squirrel she had!!!  If you are ever in Des Moines, Washington you should stop by this shop...one of my favorites!!!  You can also find them at www.carriagecountryquilts.com (I need to ask Rod how to make this a direct link.....hmmm...maybe not until I finish learning how to add my pictures!!!)

While at CCQ we saw a new pattern by On Pins and Needles called "Maypole Hop" - BUNNIES!!!  Instant Love!!!  BFF bought it for me immediately!!!  Amazing, Wonderful BFF!!!  I'm so lucky!!!  The pattern is meant for wool - I'm making it with fabric...firstly, I changed ears to applique as 2 pieces instead of one...now I'm deciding how to deal with oval shape they are on...I'm thinking I will make it and applique it to the scalloped border....

I have started getting the bunny shapes freezer papered to the fabrics...I'm mostly using "Fresh Cottons" by Fig Tree & Co., really soft, pretty browns!!!  I "found" all these fabrics last summer when BFF and I went to Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.

Last Friday's "Road Trip" I collected a bunch of bright fabrics to use with Piece O' Cake Designs "My Whimsical Quilt Garden" pattern that I've had for a while...just waiting for fabric!!!  It's bright and cheery  and "on the edge" for me...don't know what I'll do with it after I make it but it sure looks like fun to applique!!!

Today was Como Lake Quilter's group...we sure have a lot of wonderful, sharing ladies!!!  a few show and tells - (I should really take my camera to show you what they make!!!)

Well - the day has flown by and I need to get ready for my "Body and BALL" exercise class!!!

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