Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Heart is Singing!!!

What a fantastic day!!!

Bunny Hill Designs, Henrietta Whiskers, Block 3 is here and all is right with the world!!!  Sew Cute!!!

BFF Sandy and I spent the day together - I showed her the embroidery I did for her on "Autumn House" - she started getting the leaves ready to applique!  We will get these quilts finished this year!!!
BFF helped me choose the fabrics for Henrietta Whiskers - sew much more fun to do together making decisions!!!

My heart was singing when we choose a green and a raspberry to go at the top of the block...I'm branching out again from the original and thinking of half square triangles instead of the "acorn Lane" sign...we'll see!

Now I'm making Meadowbrook Farms Carrot Cake!  (my heart is singing and my taste buds are waking up!)

I've been dreaming of this cake for a few days now!!!  It smells fantastic cooling on my counter!!!  I'm so excited that most of the oil has been replaced with applesauce!!!

BFF will be back again tomorrow to quilt and eat some of this little piece of heaven!!!

This week has been a busy one - PURGING!!!

On the weekend I caught a glimpse of a hoarders show and thats all it took folks!!!  I went through all the boxes of storage for the cabin and reduced it by half!!!  Also harder things like my mom's stuff (she passed away in 2004) still difficult!!!

Now I've still got the Christmas  boxes to go through and of course stacks of magazines but what a difference!!!  My car was bursting with donations!!!  I took alot of cookbooks to the library as a donation - some things are hard to part with unless you can find the right "home"!

Our house is now decorated for Easter!!!  I only kept ornaments I was willing to display - everything else has left the building!!!

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