Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Flickren' !!!

You're looking at my first attempt at Flicker!!!
Number 4 from my List of 52!!!
You can also view my flicker thingabob at the side!!!
Well!  This is exciting!!!
This is the first block of Bunny Hill Designs "Henrietta Whiskers".  Isn't it adorable?!?
Henrietta Whiskers is a free block of the month by Anne Sutton - she's so talented and generous!
I have a few Bunny Hill quilts in my house - I will take pictures of them soon to show you!
I'm using up my fabric "leftovers" in this quilt from "Autumn House" and "Rabbits Prefer Chocolate".
It's interesting how in my world food leftovers are skankie and fabric leftovers are cherished!
I altered this block a titch by making oak leaves instead of original leaves...just wanted it a little more droopy!
OK, so it's March and I've only done block 1 - BUT I'm so darn proud of myself!!!

Other stuff -
Princess Amanda celebrated her 22nd Bday!!!  I can't wait till she's home and we can all celebrate together!!!
The one who will remain nameless is now in charge of a department and has his own peeps!!!  Wow! Who could it be now and what does that mean?!?
Lets just say I can't say but verrry proud!
First session of Zumba ended today - We really got down and shimmied!!!
I've added two new things to my List of 52!
19  Bellydance (I've signed up for bellydance workout class again!!!  I MISS THE MUSIC!!!)
20  Allow myself to "PLAY" with crafts

There is a site which I will add to my page when I have "help" called Bluebird Crafts...this woman knows how to do crafts...she should really work for Michaels (I'm just sayin!)  I have been to Michaels about 5 times in the past week picking up supplies on their coupons to do 1 of her crafts!!!
I now am the proud owner of styrofoam balls, mod podge, green paper flowers (discontinued, in a lovely glass bottle) and the most awesome stuff ever - Creative Paperclay (expensive like gold but full of possibilities!!!)
I also own...MS Glitter.....(lean in for a whisper in the ear...MARTHA STEWART GLITTER!!!)
Really, that was another sentence where you should hear the princess call!!!
In fact, I'm sure when the sales person at Michaels led me to Martha's Isle I did the Princess Call!!!  OMG!!!  Who Knew?!?!  Martha Stewart has glitter for everything!!!   Some tinnny bottles in a tinnnny packet were like 30 bucks!!!
My BFF said rather aloofly, "Couldn't you use any old glitter"?
Sometimes I wonder about her!
Anywho - lots of money spent to do a craft where this Bluebird Women is using up "leftovers"!
I'm really getting my money's worth squeezing the Creative Paperclay and dreaming of all the things I "could make"!
I'm thinking I could include step by step pictures like the Bluebird Women did...could be quite funny!!!
I have lots of incentive but really no talent!
I still need to pick up a few more dollars worth of goods before I can get this project off the ground!!!

Alright, I'm editing this to say Rod's helped me add the Bluebird Papercrafts site to my page - under Blogs I'm Following...the craft I'm spending all my money on is called "Snornament".
When you are at the Bluebird page just scroll down and look to the right for this tutorial, then click in and wala!!!  You will see the enticing photos!!!

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