Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've Been Riffing All Morning!

This is what happens when I have a whole day with no commitments....

First, I sleep in....after 10...still time to sit under my day light!

Rod's made coffee so I'm really saving time by sleeping in as I can quickly make my latte, grab yogurt and granola (I'm addicted to Clotilde Dusoulier's granola and have already eaten it twice for breakfast instead of my regular muslie.  This may not seem so bad except I have 6 1/2 bags of muslie (really great sale!) left in my cupboard...addiction is strong, I'll just have to ride it out!!!

After breakfast I embroidered crow feet on the last block I need to finish for Autumn House.  Much excitement in my head as I think of the possibilities for today!  I could cut all the blocks to the right size for Autumn House and maybe sew them together!!!  I could meander Little Town as I pinned all three layers together the other night!!!

I end up in the kitchen making Tony Danza's Roasted Chicken Soup!!!  I actually bought a rottiserie chicken yesterday to make this for dinner but ran out of time before my body class.  We ended up eating part of the chicken for dinner anyways, soooo...I'm going to have to alter the recipe...and I'm not sure about the end part of the recipe anyways.  Reads like for the last few minutes of cooking you throw in raw carrot, celery, potato and broccoli...I can't see how this will give them time to soften...soooo...I'm really RIFFING now!!!!

I used chicken broth (lots on sale in my cupboard!) instead of just water.
I took most of the big hunks of chicken off the carcass, diced and refrigerated.
I added some celery, carrot and garlic to the broth.
I added some dry parley and 2 bay leaves to the broth.
Well this was brothing (some say simmering) I sauted some shallot in a little olive oil, added some minced garlic for 1 minute, then tossed in sliced carrot, celery to soften.
Then I added a little broccoli (not much or Tony says it overwhelms the soup).
I boiled up some Ditilini (tiny pasta) to substitute for the potatoes.  I do the pasta separately so that it doesn't use up all the soup broth.
Next, I added 1/2 a small can of diced, roasted tomatoes...AND I have a nourishing lunch for me and my lover (read Rod!)

Cooking always makes me I decided to abandon all thoughts of quilting and bake a cake!!!  Clotilde Dusoulier's Yogurt Cake!!!  It looks delicious sitting on my counter as we speak!!!
I didn't have the recommended rum, so I've added a little almond extract!  I'm going to be riffing again and slicing the cake in two, spreading seedless raspberry jam and stacking it back together!!!

Alright, it's time to eat!!!

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