Thursday, February 10, 2011

S to the I to the M to the P

Zander just showed me this video!!!

This is pretty much all my moves from Zumba!  Except she doesn't do the "board like shimmie" that I'm infamous for!

Ok - I was blogging this website and BFFS was at the door ready for our "Fitness Blast" class!!!  Time flies when I'm blogging!!!  ("YES!"  to all you peeps keeping track, that is 2 exercise classes in one day!  Thanks for noticing!!!)

So now I'm back from the FB class - sub instructor, really great but too many "ponies" for my liking!  (twist feet to the side and jump body - hard on this old body!!!)  NEVER make me do the pony!!!  I did the "prancing pony" (personally named tonight!)  jogging on the spot, bringing my knees up as high as I can in front instead!!!

Well - I guess its "SHOWER TIME!" (I'm a little horsey if ya know what I'm sayin!)  Which, PS is where number 18 on my List of 52 comes in "take longer showers"!  I hold the record for fastest shower!  Tonight, I'm letting that go!!!  Maybe I can stay in for over 3 minutes!!!

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