Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowed in While Blogging!

OK not really snowed in BUT I'm not going anywhere if you know what I mean!!!
Luckily I went for my jog before I started blogging!!!
Also, this granola from Clotilde Dusoulier is Fantastic!!!  Not to sweet and it's yummy in a I'm so healthy in my Birkenstock hippy lifestyle kinda way without the black socks!!!
I think I'll just snack on it as I don't think I can give up my muslie and plain yogurt in the morning thing I've got going on!!!
Rod's going to love it!!!
Well, obviously it's time to quilt!
Ok, I just lost this and Rod said and I quote "It's better to have blogged and lost than never to have blogged at all".
He said that, because I just lost this, but he found it for me!
Now he's hand feeding me tiny bits of orange!!!
Well!  Good bye!

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