Thursday, February 10, 2011

Woot! Woot!

It's time to Woot My Own Horn!

I just Googled "Squirrelinmypocket" and I'm Number One!!!

OK, it's only out of a few hundred but Zander gave me a kiss on my head!!!  He's such a prince charming!!!

Pilate's was fantastic today - 5 lb weights (tooooo mucha) and a large ball - not much in the balance department but my hair looked pretty fantabulous in the mirror today!

Last night BFF Sandy tolerated a lot of needy Kim questions while she worked on "Autumn House".  I started Bunny Hill Designs free BOM "Henrietta Whiskers" - I'm using up fabric leftovers from "Autumn House" and "Little Town"  with a few newbies thrown in.  Finally got the two blocks fabric chosen, then started ironing the freezer paper applique shapes onto fabric.  Of course I started with the pumpkin, using Sandy's much sought after perfect pumpkin orange fabric.  I joked about cutting it out wrong and having to use double the fabric in the process (as I did with her much sought after perfect squirrel fabric when I made my table runner).  I did replace that fabric on our last border crossing fabric shop.

Note to self:  NEVER start a project with friends fabric!!!!   Actually - BFF Sandy should also make note to self as she knows how forgetful I am!!!

This is the slightly embarrassing content:  (whispered in your ear - mindfully staying out of the midtones)  I traced the applique shapes onto the smooth side of the freezer paper!  Anne Sutton's method is to trace onto the shiny side with a permanent marker, then, iron it to another piece of freezer paper on the smooth  side, so that the ink is sandwiched in the middle AND the shape is automatically reversed!  Clever Bunny Lady!  The double layer also gives a bonus thickness when using the starch method of applique I love.

Now I didn't remember this clever trick when I made my shapes - and my pumpkin was cut!  Now I need to reround (even I don't know what that means but I REFUSE to make this overly lengthy so use your imagination if you are still with me) my pumpkin.

And Exit.

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