Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Bunnies!!!

Well hours and hours of computer time later...where was I?  Oh right!!!  I baked cakes...PS they must be ready to frost by now as this has taken soooo long!!!
The batter was absolutely delicious!!!
I bought this cookbook, "Rachel's Favourite Food At Home" by Rachel Allen at the Mosaic bookstore in Kelowna!  (New favorite bookstore!)  It was only 9.99!!!
This is the 2nd recipe I've made from it ... first one was Maple Syrup and Pecan Muffins - delicate and scrumptious - I only got 1 before the guys ate them all!!!
Lots of good looking recipes but lets face it I was drawn to her beautiful apron in the photos!!!
BFF is always physically removing me from apron patterns  but she was not there!!!
This cookbook is also in "mls" and "oz" so I'm really using my noggin!!!
Will really impress "The One Who Shall Remain Nameless" with this gorgeous treat tonight!!!  Also BFF and her hubby will be over for dinner  sooon and we shall see if there's any left for that.....

This is the start of my new table runner...fabric from recent road trip with BFF...I just love the little flowers on the "chocolate" fabric!  I've got Chocolate on the brain today!!!
Also made all my "vines" using my Clover mini iron that I heart so much!!!

These are 4 of the 6 bunnies I need for this project!!!
They seem so "bouncy" even without eyes or tails!!!

Now I have exactly 1 hour before BFF expects me to be ready to exercise so I better go frost that cake!!!

Ta Da!!!!  Here's my CAKE!!!

And Here's my CAKE!!!

Alrighty...and Here's My CAKE!!!
Notice my White Rabbit!!!
This really takes alonga longa time!!!!
Now to exercise (I'm ready to let go of some of this computer aggression!!!)  and then "LET ME EAT CAKE"!!!

OK, its hours later...exercise was great...dinner was excellent...this cake was delectable!!!
"Big Fat I Will Call This My Go To Chocolate Cake Recipe!"
I played with the icing and added some melted chocolate chips, buttermilk, and vanilla.  Still, a little sweet...nothing that can't be played with again.  The cake wasn't too chocolaty, very moist with the buttermilk and ....SUPER EASY TO MAKE!!!
Just a nice, cake would be good, kinda cake...and wham...there it is!!!  I really like this cookbook...I shall cook again!


  1. The bunnies are adorable! But chocolate cake without me?!
    One of my roommates and I made hummus today. It's yummy. We've been dipping carrots and pita in it. I have enough to last til the end of the month... it made a lot... haha. It's not chocolate cake, but it'll have to do.

    Princess Amanda

  2. Sweetheart - I will do the Motherly thing and eat an extra piece for you!!!
    PS No Zucchini in this one...I'm waiting for you on that one!!!

  3. It is beautiful! And what a deal on the cookbook?! Way to go, love it! So nice to meet you. I am your newest follower.