Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Como Lake Quilters "Tin Exchange"

I heart Como Lake Quilters!
This is 9 of us posing with the blocks these ladies made for me when we held our "Tinner Exchange".
Back row L to R is Noreen, Darlene, Laurie, Joan and Helen.
Front row L to R is Gay, Jo-Ann, Val and Me....Kim.
Jo-Ann is also holding Nina's cat!
There are actually 30 of us in this quilting group...only 10 of us did the exchange.

These are my cats at home!!!

Now I get to make them into a quilt!!!

These are Val's (my Mom-in-law) blocks...she already has the top put together!
Val is making this into a Christmas tablecloth!


These are Joan's blocks...all fall colors...we each made 2.

These are Gay's blocks...we each made 2.

These are Nina's blocks....again with the 2 blocks each!

These are Noreen's blocks...tricky...we each made one and some people also made the smaller leaf.

These are Laurie's...we each made one blue block and one colored block.
This looks small...we all know that this is going to come back fabulous...Laurie is very creative, artistic and talented!!!

Above in this picture are Helen's blocks...again with the 2 each.
Below is my foot!  and 2 cat pillow covers that Laurie found in the downstairs thrift shop!!!  Wow huh?!?!  Just like my blocks only bigger!!!  No one in our group made them!!!
Laurie being the wonderful person that she is gave them to me as a gift!!!

These are Darlene's blocks...again with making 2 each.

These are Jo-Ann's blocks...2 each (and my foot!)

Aren't they all terrific?!?!

Can't wait to see what we all do with them!!!
It was a great success after 10 months of trading!


  1. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. i love this !!!! looks like you guys are all having fun !!!!

    love a squirrel in my pocket...too cute...and am happy to follow

    kary and teddy

  3. Thank you!!!
    I'm going to follow you....I need to wait for my tech team to help me do isn't my strong suit!!!