Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mosaic Books, Kelowna

This is a shout out to my favorite bookstore - Mosaic Books in Kelowna... also very easy to order from online!

I blogged earlier about Mosaic Books when I was in Kelowna a few months ago... I found Rachel Allen's "Favorite Food at Home" for 9.99 in their bargain section.

I have been trying to buy Rachel Allen's "Bake" for a few months now.  I finally tried to order it from Chapter's but they cannot get it.  New "Bake" book coming out later in the year ... I really want the old one first since it's apparently so good!

I tried to find it at used books stores in Vancouver online but couldn't figure out their websites catalogue ...I'm not so savvy on this block of wood!

I remembered Mosaic and success!  Easy to use their online site and I found out they had 3 copies of the book marked down from 39.95 to 12.99!!!

I immediately phoned .... they were closed but a wonderful women named Angela answered and helped me (toll free)!

The delivery was 9.37 so at 23.48 I was still ahead of the original price - perfect in my world!

The book came in a few days, and Angela had even put a little hand printed card inside thanking me for shopping with them!

The book is lovely - although this copy was missing a whole chapter and then repeated a different chapter!  At the back of the book, taped inside was a note saying "Damaged Pages Missing"!  Rats!

I phoned Mosaic's and when I told them about the note they immediately said they would send me a new copy and not to worry about getting this copy back to them!  They were very friendly and professional and I can not say enough about how much I love this store!

If you are ever in Kelowna do stop in and shop... they are also located in a lovely area near Okangan Lake where you can go for a scenic stroll along the boardwalk.

If you order books online be prepared for fast friendly service and maybe even a great sale price!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing you experience! I'm always more willing to shop at places that have excellent customer service. I would love to see a post on something you make from the book. It looks like a good one!